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Magnificent Desolation

Hey old man
Entertain me will you
Because I’m falling asleep
I’m drowning in these feathers
Outside the sky is blue
The sun’s still shining loudly
It stings my eyes
Until it leaves me blinded
In this bed
It’s where I sleep all day and night
Under this bed
It’s where the monsters hide
If you can see me breathing
Then you’ve come much too close
I’m tired of all this dreaming
It must soon be my time to go
There’s always somewhere where we belong
I can’t believe in heaven
Unless I have proof it’s real
I’m just the same as you
I guess that’s how I feel

A pausing point

Silence is not deafening. It just sounds that way.

I am rethinking the focus of this site and will be back soon.

A Revisitation

Walk along Quarrier Street now and notice everything that’s changed. New businesses open, old businesses close, and others are able to keep going for now. But everything dies someday. Remember Ether Kim’s? That’s gone now. I’m not surprised, but I’m still a little sad anyway. For the moment, I’ll allow myself to be overcome with nostalgia — nostalgia makes for a funny transfer of emotions. I don’t really care for Ether Kim’s, per se. I don’t miss that actual place. I just really miss that person who spent so much of my life at Ether Kim’s.

Revisiting the skeleton

That the rooms are smaller than we remember doesn’t matter, because the house is bigger now that it’s empty. We try to fill it with memories, but they get mixed with mythologies and wishes until we’re left with an encounter that never really happened inside a skeleton that’s so very real and familiar. I try to remember how I felt then — I used to rage with passion… or is that just another legend? That boy has long been put to bed under a blanket of dust and, even if I could wake him up, I doubt he’s capable of speaking anymore. A time of life that’s been distilled into an envelope of photographs shoved into the drawer and left to modern day interpretation.

Penelope In An Envelope

Penelope in an envelope
Ready to go anywhere
A lick and a penny stamp could send her
Stuffed into the mail slot
Her eyes shut tight so anxiously
And on the front it’s written
“Please anywhere worth being”
The return address was blankness
And the addressee is the unknown
Hopefully she tumbled in the darkness
As she spun around she said a prayer
Which sounded like a plea
And waited quietly to be delivered

The River

I went to the river
I walked there with Jesus
They called me a sinner
I went down down down
A prayer to deliver
A moment of rapture
A drink from the river
Then you drown drown drown
A bath tub of wishes
When everything’s missing
The promise of cleansing
Keeps us around round round
Lord can you hear me
From the banks of this river
I’ve been screaming a lifetime
Without a sound sound sound
So I’ll wait by the river
I’ll wait here for Jesus
Surrounded by sinners
I just want to drown drown drown


Flutter by girl
Butterfly girl
Leave me alone again
You twist in your skin that you left by the door
I clutch the beginning
It’s all that I’ll ever have
I can hug all the pieces
But they no longer fit
So it doesn’t make sense to even be here at all
You fly away from this mess that you made
The past has a name that’s now unpronounceable
A thousand flaps from your wings
Cause a wind to rush through my heart
And blow me off course again
Until I wake without landing
On the floor like I planned it
With sketches of then again
And the cold hope of home again
As you flutter flutter flutter away

Burnt Offering

Shimmering chimney
Too many dreams
Burned up in the home
And fed to the sky
Like a sacrifice to God
For our well being
We watch the smoke rise
It’s always black smoke
Always a stalemate
Never a pope

We only have this time together…

We only have this time together, so let’s spend it bickering and snickering about the mindless things which tie us in this union. We only have these precious hours to mark as ours and record memories for all perpetuity. We only have this faith in faith of future days we’ve already claimed while we’ve wasted these. A sleep to sleep and never dream and never know it’s ending.


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