Renewing the ruin

To be honest, even I was afraid to come around here too often. Slapped in the face with the realization that the kingdom had crumpled into a pile of ruins, I would merely survey the damage and abandon it again. “Rethinking the purpose of this site” led to blank thoughts which led to the same old Christmas-themed post sitting on top of this page for so long it was bound to turn timely again.
I did not want to abandon this place, but I no longer wanted to use it in the way I intended to use it five years ago.

The new version of Crumpled Kingdom looks a lot like the old version except all of the posts which used to be on the Home page are no longer here. Some of them migrated over to Crumpled Sites because, let’s face it, this place was turning into a gravesite too. All of the song lyrics which had been posted here are still here, but now on the brand new and appropriately titled Lyrics page. The remaining posts have been moved offline for some reason or another.
The new Home page is now more of a what’s new and other announcements page. So if, for example, new music is posted on my Bandcamp page or if another journal is gracious enough to publish a poem or story of mine, expect to see that loudly posted here* rather than just quietly updated on the Music or Other Places pages. There may be one more addition soonish, maybe, but that will be mentioned here if it happens.

*Adding more lyrics to the Lyrics page, however, probably won’t warrant an update here.


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