Other Places

Here are some other places I can be found.



  • Pant Pant Pant was published in Unbroken (September/October 2015)
  • The Green Beings Coffee Folk was published in Liberty Island (July 2015)
  • For This We Are Plentiful was published in Unbroken (July/August 2015)
  • Leaping Before Thinking was published in In-flight Literary Magazine (April 2015)
  • What Remains Behind was published as Text #419 in Tausend Tode schreiben/Writing A Thousand Deaths (version 3.1, 2015)
  • Shattered Plastic Lives was published in Little White Bird/MEGACOM (winter/spring 2002)


  • Silver Star was included on the Adventures In Home Taping 2 compilation (POST/POP, 2015)
  • Evergreen was included on the Ghost Murals compilation (Liquid Library, 2014)
  • I played guitar on Jezzy & the Belles’ Compasses & Maps (2012)


  • Compendium of Scratch – A former music blog which was repurposed into having no purpose other than for writing random things at random times.
  • Crumpled Sites – A selection of posts from various blogs I’ve started and abandoned over the years. Kind of like a Noah’s Ark of formaldehyde jars salvaged from cybergravesites.
  • Twitter – Stalk me.
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